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What promise would you make my character as they were dying in your arms?

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you’re trying to [ save ] me — ?
                            stop holding your breath.

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*Harley agarra un marcador y le dibuja en los brazos a Alice*


-Haley, ¿Qué estás haciendo?

"No es obvio? Dibujo! Como te dejanban los Insain children en los caminos por Wonderland"

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Send “Don’t push me away, you need me.” for my character’s response.

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Make my muse genuinely happy. Tell them something they want to hear. Clear their head, ease their conscience. Warm their heart in any way you can!


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You ever have that one rp partner



and you two try and try to have nice things but you’re both so full of angsty plots that it’s just impossible and that is why you can’t ever have nice things? Yeah I have one of those too.